Banff National Park is overflowing with beautiful destinations. Full of majestic mountain ranges, unreal turquoise lakes, and skies that go on forever. But with elopement activities, wardrobe, and potential guests to consider, where is the best place for you to exchange your vows?

That answer, of course, depends on your elopement plans. Listed below are the best places to elope in Banff – a handful of stunning locations that could accommodate your adventurous wedding wants and needs!


You might have heard about this iconic lake. It offers majestic views of both the Valley of The Ten Peaks mountain range, and a stunning, turquoise glacier lake. 

You can stay right at Moraine Lake Lodge, just steps away from the lake shore. It offers complimentary parking, canoe rentals, and guided hikes. There are many trails in the area, ranging from easy to difficult, so it’s perfect for your adventurous wedding or elopement getaway. 

The Town of Banff, Canmore, Kananskis, and Golden are also nearby, with a large variety of accommodations. They’re nestled in the mountain range, so you can still enjoy the wilderness.

Best time to visit:
Late spring, summer, and fall. 

If you’d like to witness something magical, come and watch the sunrise. The gorgeous colours in the sky, and the reflections on the lake are just…there are no words! And the lighting is perfect for stunning pictures.

Imagine eloping here. You can exchange your vows at the “rock pile” along the lake’s breathtaking shoreline.

Here are some photos of my awesome couples who have eloped in Banff:

This lake is closed during the winter season due to the high avalanche risk, so be sure to check for park closure here before visiting. 

If you are seeking more privacy, you can exchange your vows along one of the trails (see the location example below). A lot of them are less crowded, AND you can still explore Moraine lake throughout your big day. It’s the best of both worlds! This is definitely one of the best places to elope in Banff.

ACCESSIBILITY: As of 2023, Moraine Lake Road is closed to personal vehicles. Due to this, it is highly recommended booking a Parks Canada shuttle or booking a private commercial shuttles/transportation or staying at Moraine Lake Lodge for guaranteed parking. Another way to access Moraine Lake road are on foot or cycling. Due to its limited seasonal opening, Moraine Lake gets very busy during the summer, so be sure to plan ahead of time.


Similar to Moraine Lake, Lake Louise also offers an amazing view of the iconic turquoise lake surrounded by the mountain range. There are many hiking trails in the area, from the easy day hikes to multi-day backcountry treks. 

You can rent a canoe through Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise or The Banff Canoe Club, and experience the glacier lake first hand. 

You can also book a horseback adventure through the Brewster Adventures. Just imagine horseback riding with your partner through the mountain valleys filled with wildflowers and glacial fields on your special day. Your elopement could be your greatest adventure yet!

You may be thinking, how can this get any better

Well, did you know that you can elope on a ski hill?

You could get married on top of a mountain at the Lake Louise Ski Resort, and see the turquoise lake from thousands of feet up! And it’s open all year around. Imagine skiing down the mountain after your wedding ceremony on a pow day. Heck ya! 

You can stay right on the lake at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, with a breathtaking view of the lake right from your suite. Or, stay at the luxurious, family-run Paradise Lodge, just a short walk away from the lake. There are lots of other accommodations near the ski resort, or in the Town of Banff.

Best time to visit:
All year around! 

Be sure to check here for road closures before you visit.


Another location to elope is on TOP of a mountain. 

That’s right!

You can book a heli-adventure through Alpine Helicopter, and get the mountain top view without all the climbing. Exchange your vows at Mt. Charles Stewart or Marvel Pass, and get the stunning backdrop of valleys below and mountain range all around. 

Definitely one of the best places to elope in Banff!

Alpine Helicopter’s landing pad is located in Canmore (a mountain town only 20 minutes from Banff). Here is a list of lodgings in Canmore

Best time to elope:
All year around, but the helicopter tours are fair weather dependent.


Peyto Lake has beautiful views of the glacier-fed lake from above. The trail also starts at the highest point of the Icefield, so you’ll get significant height with minimal elevation gain. 

PRO TIP: There are two lookouts at Peyto Lake. Most people only stop at the first one. To get some privacy on your wedding day, and avoid the crowds, you should hike a little further to the second lookout point. 

If you love the rustic cabin vibes, the Lodge at Bow Lake would be the place for you. It’s located on the gorgeous Bow Lake, only a 5 minute drive from Peyto Lake.

Best time to visit:
Be sure to check here for road and trail closures.

The best time of the day to elope would be just before sunrise or sunset, so you both can witness the jaw-dropping colours in the sky!

There are more lodging options at Lake Louise, Field, and the Town of Banff.


This lake is close to the Town of Banff. It’s easy to access, just a short walk from the parking lot. There are many trails nearby to explore, including a mountain bike path along the shorelines, and opportunities for backcountry camping. 

You also can take a cruise through Banff Jasper Collective to enjoy the mountain air, and watch the local wildlife along the shoreline. 

You can view the list of accommodations in Banff here. You can also check out more lodgings at Lake Louise, Canmore, Field, and Kananaskis. 

Best time to visit:
Spring, Summer, and Fall.


Tunnel Mountain Reservoir has a stunning view of Rundle Mountain, is easily accessible, and is close to downtown Banff. It’s a great elopement location for those with a smaller number of guests. 

You can view the list of accommodations in Banff here. You can also check out more lodgings at Lake Louise, Canmore, Field, and Kananaskis. 

Best time to visit:
All year round.


I have fallen in love with photographing, both personally and professionally, at Banff National Park. The wide variety of natural beauty will BLOW your mind. This list of the best places to elope in Banff is just a small taste of what the park has to offer. As a local to the area, I can even guide you to lesser known areas. With so many different destinations to choose from, we can bring your special day to life!