Banff Hiking Wedding

Hiking Wedding Photographer in Banff, Alberta

Jeff and Kelsey’s wedding day started early on a chilly autumn day as we all donned our hiking boots and took off in the dark for what would be a stunning Banff hiking wedding. 

We made it to the summit just in time for the sunrise as the sky was clearing to reveal the fresh layer of snow that had fallen and created the perfect wonderland for the day. 

The Inspiration Behind Their Hiking Wedding in Banff National Park

When I first met Jeff and Kelsey, it was clear that they were a beautifully genuine, caring, and carefree couple. 

Jeff’s spontaneity and Kelsey’s love for adventure complemented each other perfectly and it was clear that these two were destined for an unconventional wedding. Their picture-perfect day started with a morning hike where the couple exchanged private vows and got their first look, followed by a lake-side ceremony and first dance that included their closest family members, and finished with an intimate dinner reception at a local restaurant. 

Kesley’s favourite season is Fall which sparked the inspiration for a September wedding! 

Drawn by the cooler days and the peacefulness of the mountains during this time of year, finding a way to embrace their adventurous side on their wedding day was a must when I was looking for the perfect location. After they moved to Calgary in 2018, Jeff and Kelsey said started hiking and fell in love with it right away! They are always chasing hikes with a view of the water at the summit for Jeff and lots of exposure for Kelsey who loves to be on the edge of things, so finding a location with a little of both was an obvious choice when I was location scouting.

An Elopement Full of Family Love

Kelsey and Jeff knew they didn’t like being the centre of attention in a big crowd, so elopement was the perfect opportunity to create their own amazing wedding experience. 

When we first started planning Jeff and Kelsey’s elopement, the idea was for it just to be the two of them. However, as we moved through the planning it became clear that they craved to have their closest family members with them on their special day so we came up with a way to would honour their vision of the day and incorporate their families.

A Private Mountaintop Vow Exchange and Lakeside Wedding Ceremony With Family

Jeff and Kelsey got to pair their love for epic adventures and their love of family on a flawless day designed to celebrate their commitment to each other. 

We started the day by giving Jeff and Kelsey their first look followed by a beautiful and private vow exchange. I love these precious moments when a couple can take in their amazing commitment to each other. Later, we met their family on the shore of Bow Lake for a beautiful ceremony, where Kelsey’s uncle officiated their union. While we made sure to focus on Jeff and Kelsey’s love for the outdoors and the mountains, we were still able to include the most important people in their lives on their big day. 

Their Happily Ever After

Jeff and Kelsey have a beautiful life motto that goes, “Live life based on what fits us best and worry about the details later.”

I knew that there would be lots of beautiful candid moments between them and felt drawn to capturing their amazing connection throughout the day. It wasn’t hard to see the love they have for each other and the fun times they chase together. When I originally asked what their vision for the day was, they answered simply with, “relaxed, carefree, and fun” which is exactly what their Banff hiking wedding was full of!

Jeff and Kelsey were an absolute pleasure to work with and it was an honour to get to be part of their special day. From the cold and early start to their beautiful lakeside ceremony, their love for each other never stopped radiating, turning all their photos into priceless ones. All the best to the newlyweds and congratulations on your beautiful marriage!

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