Planning A Mountain Wedding in Kananaskis

As a Banff-based wedding photographer, I’ve been privileged to witness countless moments of raw, untouched love. Today, I want to share Brookelan and Brandon’s stunning mountain wedding in Kananaskis, which holds a special place in my heart. Their wedding in Kananaskis was a beautiful testament to love’s adventurous spirit and the power of personalized celebration. If you’re on the fence about making your Rocky Mountain wedding a reality, you’re going to love their story. I’m beyond honoured they trusted me to help bring their vision to life.

If you want information about the legalities of getting married in Banff, make sure to head to this post next where I break it all down for you!

A Kind Review From Their Kananaskis Wedding

Brookelan and Brandon’s testimonial touched my heart deeply. They shared:

The First Spark of Connection

From our first conversation, it was clear; Brookelan and Brandon wanted an experience that blended adventure with intimacy, a ceremony that was as unique as their love story.

This is where the value of choosing a local photographer, someone who not only captures moments but understands the essence of Banff, became paramount. My role was not just to photograph their wedding in Kananaskis but to guide them through the planning of their wedding in Kananaskis.

Dreaming Up the Perfect Day

From the start, Brookelan and Brandon envisioned a day that merged their love for hiking and the great outdoors with a heartfelt celebration alongside their dearest family and friends. But their initial concern? How to balance an adventurous elopement with ensuring inclusivity for all their guests, particularly those for whom a mountain hike might be a stretch.

Planning a wedding in Kananaskis meant finding a middle ground that honoured their adventurous souls while being mindful of the comfort level of their family and friends. This delicate balance led us to choose a breathtaking location in Kananaskis, accessible enough for a live stream but secluded enough to feel like the world was theirs alone.

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it again: this is the value of hiring a local wedding photographer in Kananaskis, Alberta. I truly do know so many hidden gems (beyond the crowded places you’ll see on Google). I love helping my couples choose the perfect place for their unique ceremony needs.

The Path to “I Do” For Their Wedding at Kananaskis

Next, it was time to decide on their wedding day timeline. I suggested starting the day in a more traditional setting, allowing Brookelan to have a cherished “getting ready” moment at the hotel with her loved ones. The “first look” with Brandon, encircled by the smiles of friends and family, was a heartwarming prelude to the adventure that lay ahead.

Then, with their spirits high and hiking boots laced, we set off to a secluded mountaintop in Kananaskis. The hike was nothing short of magical, a serene journey that led us to an intimate ceremony spot, perfect for saying their vows with the majestic Rockies as their witness. The groom’s brother, the bride’s sister, and two close friends joined us, embodying the spirit of togetherness that Brookelan and Brandon cherished.

I mentioned this above, but to ensure everyone could partake in their joy, we selected a hike with cell reception, allowing their ceremony to be live-streamed. This thoughtful touch meant that even those who couldn’t join the hike were immersed in the moment, sharing in the love and breathtaking scenery. If you’re worried that choosing to elope means giving up family time or traditional wedding day elements, I hope this proves that you really can have it all!

Are you worried about the weather during your winter wedding in the Rockies? Anticipating the November chill in the Rockies, I suggested they bring a portable campfire along. This cozy addition not only enveloped us in warmth but also added an intimate touch to their wedding in Kananaskis.

The Journey Back in a Limo

While limousines are often synonymous with high-spirited celebrations, blasting music, and lively conversations, we believe that limos are a great choice for every celebration. Exhausted from the exhilarating hike and the high of emotions from the wedding ceremony, everyone relaxed on their way to the Calgary reception just an hour away (and even started to snooze!).

A Wedding Reception After the Mountain Wedding Ceremony

Lastly, their wedding reception in Calgary was a vibrant celebration of their love, shared with all who had journeyed with them, both physically and in spirit. The joy of uniting their hiking adventure with a traditional celebration was palpable, creating memories that would last a lifetime. I was beyond grateful to be able to capture it all and help them find a way to truly enjoy their wedding their way.

Are You Considering a Wedding in Kananaskis?

Brookelan and Brandon’s wedding in Kananaskis was a reminder of why I do what I do. It’s about more than just photography; it’s about connecting with couples, understanding their stories, and using my expertise to help them bring their dream wedding to life in the stunning canvas that is Banff.

If Brookelan and Brandon’s story resonates with you, if you’re dreaming of an elopement that blends adventure with intimacy, I’m here to help. Reach out to explore how we can create a day that captures the essence of your love story, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Banff.

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