Engaged couples looking at each other while standing on top of a mountain during sunset

Banff Hiking Engagement Session

Sunset Hiking Engagement Session in Banff

Looking for a way to combine their love for adventure and each other, Kelly and Steve opted for a unique and breathtaking Banff hiking engagement session. They knew they wanted to capture the beauty of the area while hiking and celebrating their love together. And boy, did they make the right choice.

An Adventure With Their Pup

The day was hot and sunny, but they planned to reach the top of the mountain just in time for the cooler evening air. Of course, they couldn’t leave their little pup behind, who joined them on their hike to the peak.

As they made their way up the mountain, they were struck by the beauty of the landscape. The towering mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and lush forests created a stunning backdrop for their photos. When they reached the top, they couldn’t contain their excitement and screamed with joy as they celebrated their love.

Heartfelt Letters From Loved Ones

Despite their family living far away, Kelly and Steve found a way to include them in their special day. They brought letters from their loved ones, which offered heartfelt congratulations and best wishes. It was a beautiful gesture that added a personal touch to their Banff hiking engagement session.

And what better way to end their session than watching the sunset with their furry friend in their arms? The warm hues of the sky painted a stunning backdrop for their photos, making their love for each other shine even brighter.

As they hiked down the mountain in the dark, their headlamps illuminated the trails, and they couldn’t help but feel closer than ever before. Their Banff hiking engagement session was an experience they’ll cherish forever.

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