How To Keep Warm & Cozy During Your Winter Wedding in Canadian Rockies

How to Keep Warm & Cozy During Your Winter Wedding

Winter is a magical time of year that can make your outdoor wedding feel extra special. The glistening snowflakes on mountain peaks, the frozen waterfalls, the ice castles, and pow days on the ski hills are what make this season so unique.

You probably think this sounds so dreamy…but…it gets sooo cold!

What if there were ways to keep warm, comfortable, and safe on your winter wedding or elopement, so no one has to FREEZE on your special day?

Whether you are planning to exchange your vows on top of a mountain at a ski resort, or on a frozen lake, here are some tips to ensure you and your guests stay warm and cozy.

  1. Choose the right winter wedding accessories that can also keep you toasty.

    When it comes to winter weddings, having the right accessories and gear are essential for keeping you and your partner comfortable.
    Let’s be real here- who wants to be shivering while reading your beautiful vows, and celebrating what’s supposed to be your best day ever? No one! 

    Here are some accessories that you can consider:
    – Tossing a simple shoulder faux fur or shawl on is a great way to stay warm. 
    – OR maybe a full-length cloak will give you a touch of nature while keeping you cozy.
    – Full-length gloves that match your outfits will keep your hands toasty. 
    – A soft blanket can be worn during ”the in between”. 

  2. Wear warm layers underneath your outfit. 

    Maybe these fuzzy and fluffy accessories are not your thing? Or maybe you need more warmth? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! 

    – Make sure to wear layers underneath your clothing. Lightweight base layers, tights, and warm thick socks are your friends. All of these are hidden under your outfits, so you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort for your vision.  

    – Don’t forget to keep some hand and foot warmers too! These little things are the BEST. Keeping your blood circulation going can tremendously help you stay toasty during the cold season.

  3. Create a warm and inviting environment.

    Whether you are planning to have mountain elopement with just the two of you in Banff National Park OR having a small wedding with your close family and friends, another way to mitigate the cooler weather is to create a warm and inviting environment. 

    – Did you know that you can purchase a portable campfire? It’s easy to carry, convenient and made out of sustainable materials! You can even roast marshmallows and make yummy s’mores while keeping yourself warm.

    – For your small adventure wedding, you can set up a hot cocoa bar, cider and coffee bar and place it next to an outdoor fire pit as a spot for your guest to mingle and warm up during your reception. Have a basket full of warm blankets and a box of hand warmers. Keep a supply of drinks and hot soup on hand; to help warm your guest from the inside out. This will keep everyone smiling during your winter wonderland wedding!

    – Host your event during the daylight hours. This will ensure that there are warmer temperatures for you and your guest as well as plenty of sunlight for the outdoor activities.

    Here are some fun activities you can do on your winter adventure wedding:
    – Dog sledding
    – Skiing
    – Skido
    – Helicopter ride
    – Snow shoeing
    …and more!

  4. Have the right gear to keep you safe and comfortable on your winter wedding in the Rockies.

    Now let’s talk about gear. Honestly, as magical as it is to have an outdoor wedding during the winter season, the weather can be unpredictable especially in the mountains.

    The trail might be icy and heavy snow falls might happen.

    I’ve listed a few starting tips for keeping you and your guest safe during your winter wedding:
    – Wear microspikes on your boots to keep you from slipping on the slippery ice.
    – Fluffy snow is always fun, BUT it can also be difficult to hike on a deep snow. This is where snowshoes can help you stay afloat on top of the deep snowy ground. 

  5. Prepare a backup plan.

    Don’t forget to prepare a backup plan. If a storm hits, or weather conditions are just too severe, you may have to reconsider your wedding plans. This could mean having an alternative indoor venue, or planning a backup date. With adventure weddings in any season, you can never go wrong with having a plan B.

  6. Research the weather conditions and locations prior to your winter wedding or elopement.

    Lastly, I recommend you to do some research on the weather condition on your location 1-2 weeks before your day (especially on avalanche prone areas for any mountain weddings).

    This will help you prepare for your wedding day. Do you need to bring any extra safety gear? or do you need to consider your backup plans?

Conclusion – Final Thoughts On Cold Weather Weddings

The great thing about an outdoor wedding is that it allows you to shed traditions in favour of more adventurous options. Embrace the outdoors, and incorporate what the winter season has to offer.

Getting married on the mountains, or any other cold-weather destination offers something uniquely majestic and beautiful to your special day with a bit of extra planning and a willing photographer to capture your dreams.

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