I’m beyond honored you found your way here!

(and care to learn a little more about the person behind the camera on your wedding day).

You should know that I like hiking and relaxing outdoors (there’s nothing better than climbing a mountain or lying in a hammock sketching by the river). I’ve also never met a dessert I don’t like!

But that’s not the reason why I’m the right person to document your wedding day…

Hey! I’m Dila Pertiwi

The Majestic Rocky Mountains Have Captured the Hearts of Many

Which is Why I’ve Personally Made Them My Home for the Last 7 Years

When you set out to hire an elopement photographer, you want more than just a photographer. Exploring Banff and snapping photos of adventurous elopements isn’t just a weekend project for me; it’s something I live and breathe almost every single day.

When I’m not connecting with couples, you’ll find me exploring off-the-beaten path locations and wearing out my latest pair of hiking boots. 

Oh yeah – and I’ve never met a problem that I didn’t have a solution for (thank you Mother Nature for keeping me on my toes).

We’re Going to Get Along

If You Believe These 3 Things

Love is Love

This one needs no exclamation, but if you are two humans who want to get married then I want to document it and celebrate you no matter what your love looks like.

We Should Leave No Trace

I deeply care about environmental stewardship. I follow the “leave no trace” principals whether we are planning a Banff elopement or I’m hiking in my free time. If you book me, you’ll agree that we avoid fragile environments and we don’t leave confetti behind.

Kindness & Respect are Everything

I form a deep bond with each and every couple I work with and I believe that mutual respect is one of the most important elements to an authentic connection. I can’t wait to share that with you.

What makes me different.

02. Connection + Client Experience is my #1 Priority

It sounds cliche but if we can’t get to know each other before your wedding day then I’m not the right photographer for you. It’s important to me that you have an unbelievable elopement experience, and that means knowing exactly what you’re envisioning and what you’re hoping to see in your wedding photos. This way you won’t have any awkward poses (or moments) with me!

04. I Genuinely Love What I Do

I know that might be obvious by now, but you should know that the reason I jump out of bed in the morning is to connect with couples like you and explore the great outdoors. I have a camera in my hand even when I’m not working. I believe that life is incredible and I want you to feel that from me too.

01. I Can Confidently Say That I Know the Best Locations to Elope

I literally live here (and let me just say – the best locations can’t be found on Google). I spend my free time exploring, and part of my process when working with couples like you is to get to know you so well that I can pair you with the perfect location for your vision and comfort level. Don’t worry – 10km hikes are not (always) required!

03. I Present a Solution Before the Problem

I’ve always had a deep desire to help people, and after many years as an elopement photographer in the middle of unpredictable weather, rough terrains, and unique timelines and wedding day activities (rock climbing, anyone?), I’m quick to think on my feet and present a solution before you even know there is a problem.

I’m an Experienced Banff Elopement Photographer
But That’s Not All You Get

While I’d love to tell you that I’ll be your partner in crime, maid of honor, wedding planning assistant, confidante, and cheerleader, I thought I would let these kind words past couples have left me do the talking instead.

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