10 Fun Things To Do on Your Outdoor Wedding Adventures

Did you know you can have the most unforgettable unique wedding without the stress? All of the fancy wedding decors; the table cloths, the chairs, the backdrop, the silverware won’t matter years from now. Forget about the pressure and the expectations from others because at the end of the day, what truly matters is you get to marry your best friend and build exciting new memories together. So just have fun and do what you love on your special day!

Here are 10 fun things that you can do on your wedding day:

#1. Hike to the top of a mountain.

Do you have a favourite trail, or a beautiful trail that you’ve always wanted to explore? If you love adventure, this can be a relatively simple way to turn your special day into an adventure in and of itself.

There is nothing quite like saying your vows and gazing into your partner’s eyes while being surrounded by the vast and incredible views that can only be found at the top of a mountain. The day will be forever ingrained in your memories as a spectacular physical and emotional accomplishment. Depending on the hike you choose, this can be an all day event, or you may choose to have a small ceremony at that top and a larger reception later that evening.

Bride and groom holding their dogs on their hiking elopement day in Banff

#2. Canoe Ride on a beautiful turquoise lake. 

#3. Enjoy a picnic date surrounded by mountains.

Simplicity. Some people love large venues and catered meals, and that is what makes the day special for them. Others, however, may discover that their preferences lead them to a more intimate celebration with just a few close friends and family members.

Some couples even choose to keep the day just to themselves. If this speaks to you, then perhaps a picnic or barbeque in the mountains would be the right choice for you. Because hey, this is your day and your celebration. You don’t have to worry about whatever everyone else does for their wedding; you should choose to celebrate in a way that sparks the most joy for you. 

#4. Cozied up by the campfire. 

Bride and groom are sitting by a portable campfire on their hiking wedding in Kananaskis mountains. They are having fun warming their hands.

#5. Watch the sunrise hike the mountain peaks.

Yes, as a photographer, I have been on the trailhead by 3 am with my couples, only to capture a special moment of their love on the top of a mountain a few hours later while the sun rises.

So why would we choose to dawn our headlamps and bear bells and hike in the dark? Because, once you are up there with the sun rising between the peaks, and the landscape expands in an explosion of colour below you, you will realize that the photos are really for the other people in your life, because you will never forget that moment. Of course, with the golden hour lighting to capture your moment, you will be more than excited to keep these photos and share them with everyone you know 😉

#6. Ride a vintage aircraft.

#7. Dancing in the rain.

The weather is not quite in your favour? Having an outdoor wedding can be unpredictable. Some days in the mountains might be bluebird the entire day without a cloud in the sky, and others might have all the weather.

Snow in July is unusual, but is never out of the question. Blue sky to hail in the span of ten minutes? Absolutely. Rain, wind, thunder? Bring it on!

While no one hopes for interesting weather on their wedding day, it can make for some unique and exciting experiences (and photos). So bring some layers and dance in the rain, and truly embrace the unexpected. For that is what life, especially mountain life, is all about. And hey, we have a saying here in the mountains: If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes!

#8. Take a road trip and visit your bucket list places together.

#9. Ice skating on a frozen lake surrounded by mountains. 

#10. Walk on the beach and enjoy the sunset together

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