A Romantic Hike in the Cold Rain – Canadian Rocky Mountains

Canmore Adventure Engagement Photographer

Their Story

After their engagement, Ashley and Michael flew across the country to have the ultimate Canadian Rockies vacation. Wilderness and mountain air were what they were seeking. They planned a couple weeks full of epic adventures here and still had a small time slot to fit in an engagement session. We knew before we started our hike in Canmore (just 20min out of Banff National Park) that the weather was not too promising. It was calling for cold rain and low visibility, but we decided to go for it!

The Mountain Weather

Once we got to the top, the rain decided to come pouring down on us (of course, we are that lucky). We knew that the rain in the rockies would usually come in waves, so we quickly get ready for the photoshoot. Ashley had to change into her dress in freezing rain in cold windy area while we waited for the rain to calm down.

When that moment came, they took my lead without hesitation. They embraced in each other’s presence, keeping warm and they danced in the mist with the beautiful lake view behind them. The day ended with laughter as we ran down to the bottom. It was a rad day after all.



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